Studio 221 Photography, along with Michael Svach Portraits invites you to be part of The Legacy Project –
a portrait session and gallery event designed to tell your story, honor your journey and capture this moment in time for generations to come.


What it's all about

What's your story?  What are you passionate about?  Have you built a business from the ground up?  Are you a rock star in the evenings at your local pub?  Has woodworking been your calling or do you volunteer to help at risk youth?

Whatever your story - we want to help tell it.

We want to capture you, in that environment so that this moment in time can be remembered by you and those you love.  

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What do you get out of it?

To start, you get a no-cost portrait session

with one of the areas premier portrait photographers. Mike Svach is known for his painterly dramatic portraits using light and shadows to create depth and volume in his images.  Your story will be told in this style, lending credence to your legacy.  

You will also get a 11" x 14" print of your favorite image from your session with the opportunity to purchase additional items if you so pressure!

Finally, you will be able to attend the inaugural Legacy Project gallery event where a large canvas print of your portrait will be displayed

 with 30+ other portraits.  All images will be paired with a written description, detailing he intricacies of your story and bringing it to life!

More about the gallery event

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More about the event

This event will certainly have some of the usual accouterments featuring appetizers, bourbon (a Studio 221 staple) and other beverages, giveaways, music and great conversation.  

But here's where it gets unique. 


We've all been to art fairs or gallery shows and have seen kick-ass pictures as part of the show, but how many times have you been to a show where YOU are the kick-ass picture on the wall?

In a time when social media and world-wide events have pushed us farther apart than ever before, this is an opportunity to come back together and immerse yourself in the steeped narrative of your city-wide neighbors, not only learning about their legacy, but also becoming part of that narrative as a result.  A collection of stories and histories that are unique and, on this night, part of a collective whole that celebrates the gravity of this human experience.


1. Click on the application button below and answer a few quick questions... it will be painless, we promise!

3. You show up.  You look cool.  You tell your story.  We take and process the pictures.,  We will then meet again in a week or so to pick out your favorite for the show!

2. Once your application is accepted, we'll set up a meeting to pull together details about location, time and overall look of the shoot.

4. The Gallery event, at a date to be determined, will gather together all of the participants and their families to share this moment in share your legacy.  

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